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The responsibility of managing a trust is a huge one that comes with authority and many obligations. Unfortunately, very often, the trustee may find that his or her role comes under criticism from beneficiaries and other parties. In such cases, it’s important to have sound legal guidance about your rights under the law from an experienced trustee services attorney.

Bob Carlson offers comprehensive trustee services that help protect trustee rights. As a trustee, it is likely that you have little legal knowledge and understanding of estate law, probate laws, or the estate probate process. Having an experienced estate planning lawyer on your side helps you handle the day-to-day management of the estate and tackle situations appropriately when probate law problems emerge.

Trust Administration

After the death of a trust’s settlor or settlors, a successor trustee becomes responsible for the administration of the trust. By working with Bob Carlson, a successor trustee can obtain the sound legal advice needed for a smooth and straightforward administration of the trust at every stage of the process.

Notifications By Trustee

A trustee begins trust administration by notifying all trust beneficiaries and heirs within 60 days of the death of the settlor. Beneficiaries and heirs may request a copy of the trust. They have 120 days to file a trust contest or else forfeit their right to contest, but if notifications are not sent, the statute of limitations for a trust contest could be much longer. An experienced trust services attorney can help a trustee meet all of the deadlines and satisfy other trust administration responsibilities.

Trust Accounting

Successor trustees administering irrevocable trusts must provide a full accounting of their actions and administration of the trust. Trustees must therefore keep comprehensive accounting records and keep track of expenditures, deposits, and disbursements. Consult with Bob Carlson to determine the extent of your accounting obligation.

Trustee Representation

Any trustee, even one who gets on well with his beneficiaries, can benefit from retaining the help of a probate lawyer for the smooth running of the trust. Such representation by an experienced probate attorney is even more important when you are in the middle of a dispute with beneficiaries or during any kind of probate court action against you.

Trustee And Beneficiary Mediation

The resolution of trustee-beneficiary disputes can sometimes become exceedingly complicated. Trust beneficiaries are legally well-protected against trustee malfeasance. When a trust does not spell out precisely the resolution to a dispute, a successor trustee can rely on the advice and experience of a reputed trust services attorney to help manage and resolve the disagreement.

Estate Litigation

Distribution of an estate is not simple. It’s complex and challenging, especially when beneficiaries decide to litigate against one another or against the trust or the executor of a will. In all these cases, having experienced legal counsel on your side is a must. Bob Carlson offers trustee services that are designed to help a trustee effectively handle probate process responsibilities.

A/B Trust Division

An A/B Trust that is designed to divide into two trusts on the death of a spouse is complicated to set up. Get help from an estate planning lawyer like Bob Carlson to set up a trust like this and to resolve the affairs of the trust when one spouse dies.

Estate Tax Returns

If you are the executor of an estate, you must file income tax returns on the estate for federal tax purposes. Let Bob Carlson helpresolve tax-related matters.

Trustee Counseling

Trust administration is inevitably confusing, complicated, and occasionally overwhelming. Grief, emotions, false presumptions, and misunderstandings often make the process even more difficult. Along with formal legal guidance and advice, Bob Carlson can offer you the experience and insights that can help you resolve disputes, avoid protracted litigation, and deal effectively with other obstacles or challenges to successful trust administration.

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